Give me something special which I then will name a memory.

One click of your smartphone camera and in a few seconds your picture appears in any part of the world, without names, nicknames or other personal details. The only thing a user will see is a unique picture and its location.

Share your picture - get one more in return.

Look at the world through another’s eyes.

With Phochat you have a unique opportunity to gather photos on various subjects from different points of the world.

Alike your photo gifts, share them with your friends on social networks – it is so simple!

- Get the app for free until a special offer (no ads)
- Social sharing via Facebook, twitter, vkontakte, e-mail
- Respond with your picture to a picture, if you like it
- Collect photos from around the world
- Get in the ranking of the best pictures (the more likes, the higher the position of photo)